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Battery Backup!

Rumours are that we will be suffering more power cuts this winter. PC's don't like power spikes and if your PC is writing data to your hard drive when it happens there is a very good chance you will lose the data and also either damage or wreck your drive. So why not protect against this and provide your computer with 'clean' power by using a UPS (uninterruptable power supply)?

It just so happens we have a UPS available that is surplus to our requirements: its an APC 2200. APC are as good as it gets in the UPS world and usually cost a small fortune, although what is your data worth? However as this one is used it is on offer for 1/3 of its original price, a bargain at £220. It is capable of powering 3 or 4 PC's (depending on configuration) and it simply plugs into the mains and then you plug your computer into it.